Room 9 ACE Class

Room 9 ACE Class

Teacher: Connie Jakopo
Education Assistants: Leanne, Leone, Wiwi, Michelle & Anic

Room 9 in 2017 

Greetings to you all and welcome to Room 9! My name is Connie Jakopo and I am the Room 9 class teacher for 2017. I would like to give you a brief summary of the class as well as the programmes and activities the class will be covering this year.

This year Room 9 has 5 students, one girl and four boys. Three of the boys will be graduating at the end of this year.  At the moment there are five Education Assistants who work in the room namely Leone (Monday to Friday), Wiwi (Monday to Friday) Leanne (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) ,Anic (Thursday and Friday) and Michelle (Wednesdays).

Our programs this year include Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Swimming, Music, Physical Education, Society and Environment, Technology and Enterprise. Communication continues to be one of our major focuses in the school and we try to support our students as much as possible to communicate through their PODD books and other Aided Language Displays and communication devices. In numeracy we will be focusing on functional Maths, generalising some maths concepts in activities and other learning areas so that children see how maths relate to their daily lives.

This year we are going to be exploring four themes, Seasons and Extreme Earth, Farming, Pets and The solar system. At the moment we are doing Seasons and Extreme Earth. The children are learning about different types of weather, seasons, activities that can be done in the different seasons as well as how to dress appropriately for different weather.

We look forward to a great 2017 .If there is anything you would to know or ask regarding our programs this year, feel free to call or talk to me at school. Thank you all for your support.

Connie Jakopo (Class Teacher)