Room 7

Teacher: Rose Linton

Conductor Support: Shona Ballantyne

Education Assistants: Suzanne, Mariko, Kathy & Daniel.

Students: Alex, Aralie, Charlotte, Lola, Orlena and maybe Lily.

Room 7 – an Aspects of CE class.

Welcome to Room 7 in 2017. We’re thinking that Room 7 sounds pretty boring when all the other rooms in the school have colourful names. Would you like to be part of our renaming ? In consultation with my team  and my students we’re thinking that Lechenaultia has a nice sound to it. Now we just have to lobby admin for the change!! Since we have an activist in our class there shouldn’t be an issue.  Charlotte has already made a start by requesting a brightening up of the girls toilet. We are all looking forward to her next suggestion.

Anyway, onto our class. We are a designated ACE (Aspects of Conductive Education) class. We do task series on Monday and Tuesday with a mix of students which is run by Shona (and Talicia). My team are all trained CE assistants and I bring my generalist skills to the mix – I have worked with a wide range of students and always see the individual and work to improve their ability to function within the class, their family, the community and big wide world. Communication and independence are our priorities and we will focus on these as we negotiate the Australian Curriculum! That is where the fun starts!

Look out for great things coming out of Room 7/Lechenaultia!!


Rose Linton 
Class Teacher