Red Gum

Classroom Teacher:  Sarah Rowe & Kate Wilson

Education Assistants: Cinnamon, Deb M, Sarah F, Kat & Tye

Welcome to Red Gum 2018  

Red Gum is a pre-primary aged Conductive Education class.  The students follow a unique routine of activities which have been designed to suit the learning needs of each individual child. The children take part in a fun series of physical tasks (Task Series) in lying, sitting and standing positions including crawling and walking. Meal/snack times, self-care and fine motor activities are also incorporated into the daily program.  All aspects of the routine are directly linked to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework which is based on the principles of belonging, being and becoming.

The children’s communication skills are developed throughout the program, using various forms of Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems, as appropriate to their needs.  The staff are very enthusiastic and committed to ensuring the students have a very rewarding and fun year of learning in pre-primary.

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