Greengum CE Kindergarten

Greengum CE Kindergarten

Teacher: Sarah Rowe

Teacher Conductor: Zsuzsanna Hay 

Education Assistants: Deb, Kate, Anita, Juanita & Lucya

What a fun year we have ahead of us in Kindy! Learning through play, Adrien, Imogen, Kaspa, Lucas, Musa, Remi, Rihdan and Riley will explore the topics of music, celebrations, the farm and nursery rhymes, in as hands on a way as possible!

We will be learning how to initiate communication and using AAC in class to say what we want to say. We will be thinking about being kind to others as well as ourselves, developing our social and play skills and learning how to be good friends. As part of the Conductive Education programme we will develop our independent skills so that we can do more for ourselves.

With an enthusiastic team and an amazing group of students, we are sure that 2017 is going to be a great year for us.