Belmay Satellite Class


TEACHER : Mrs Melinda Davies

EDUCATION ASSISTANTS :  Sandy Travers,  Lee Canestrini (Mr C) & Jenny Muhleisen.

The Staff and students of the Belmay Satellite Class are really looking forward to an exciting and rewarding new school year in 2018.   This year we are delighted to welcome 2 new students to our classroom, which will now consist of 1 girl and 5 boys, which includes Grades 1 to 6!   

We will be at Belmay Primary School  on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and at Carson Street School on Wednesdays, where we will be accessing our Community Program with Waminda Aged Care, Swimming, Woodwork and Assemblies.  We will also be doing some excursions during the term which will be related to our Term Topic.   Any Incursions organized at Carson Street School will also be                  attended by our class.

As part of our inclusion program at Belmay Primary School, our Years 1—6  students will join with a mainstream class for Phys. Ed which is run by Mr Baxter.  During both recesses, they go out to play with the Belmay and LDC students.  The Pre Primary students will also attend the Belmay PP for both play   recesses with plans to increase their time once they have settled in and made some friends. 

We are also very lucky to have our Carson Street Specialists visit us at Belmay for Phys. Ed—Mr P, Music—Mr S,  Woodwork  – Tye, and Mrs Tetlow the School Chaplain who does the Values Program.

Programs which are used in our classroom include TEACCH, DI, individual, small and whole group work.

We also have Therapy Focus who visit our class every year to continue an on going program with Protective Behaviours and the ALERT  Program, which has been extremely successful with helping our students to self regulate their behaviours.

During the last 3 years we have been running a Reading Program with volunteers from Waminda Aged Care Facility.  The students refer to their friends as their ‘Grannies and Grand Pops’.  Apart from their weekly visits, other social events are planned such as a BBQ, School visits, picnics and concerts.  Both groups are developing very strong bonds with the benefits going both ways!

Every student in the Satellite Class seems to display so much pride by being at Belmay Primary School and being good role models when they attend Carson Street School on Wednesdays.



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